Classy with a Little Smart Assy

We all have those days where you just want to stay home, make yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and settle down with a book or movie. Most people would say that the perfect outfit for a stay at home day is some sweatpants and a t-shirt that’s to sizes too big for you, and I must confess that i am one of those people, but sometimes you forgot to run an errand or have an unexpected guest showing up at your front door! So to avoid that terrible moment of embarrassment, here’s an example of a perfect stay at home outfit that looks cute and classy and won’t make you feel like crawling under a rock after being seen..



A comfy sweater and some old jeans (doesn’t have to be ripped) and any comfy shoes. If you want to make this outfit a little more classy then add heels and accessories.

“Playing dress-up starts at age five and never truly ends.” – Kate Spade

Have fun with your style and be creative!


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