A Little Pop of Color

“Black is such a happy color darling!” – Unknown

Admit it, we all secretly love black. Love is the new black as they say, but us gals also prefer something a little more colorful now and then. I am a lover of black myself I must admit but i just fell in love with this makeup tutorial on the spot. It’s perfect for any occasion and it’s not too dramatic but also not invisible. The best part is that it really makes your eyes POP! and doesn’t take that long to do. Great for those early mornings before school or work..

To start off, you will need the following:

Gold, Grey/Dark Brown, Blue Eyeshadow (it doesn’t matter which brand you use)

Eyeliner (i like to use liquid eyeliner as it’s easier to apply)

Mascara (Once again, it doesn’t matter which brand is used)

Step 1:

Apply the Gold Eyeshadow on the lid. (This can extend to the inner corners as it will light up the eye)


Step 2:

Apply the Grey/Dark Brown on the outer corner of your eye and on your crease. Moving upward, Blend.



Re-apply the Gold Eyeshadow if you want to make it more noticable

Step 3:

Apply Eyeliner. I like winged eyeliner as it creates the illusion that the eye is larger.


Step 4:

Apply the Blue Eyeshadow on the bottom lid to make your beautiful eyes POP! Then apply Mascara to finish the look.


“I love the confidence makeup gives me.” – Tyra Banks

Have fun with makeup and get creative!


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