My Little Black Number

Now and then we all like to go out with our friends or family on a Friday night. Going to watch a movie with friends for example, or spending that lovely clear evening, with the stars shining oh so bright, with your beloved. So with that, the evening plans are settled. But what will you wear?! Almost every girl has this dilemma, but fear not! For we have a perfect date (or just a normal fun evening out) outfit for you. Red is sexy and elegant, blue is casual, white is classy, but black is all of the above. Every girl must have a special black number in their closet that they can wear to boost their confidence and to look great while flaunting your elegance.

My little Black Number


“One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a little black dress” – Karl Lagerfeld

Remember that you are gorgeous just the way you are and that you don’t need to change anything about yourself just to impress other people that barely knows you. So go on and flaunt your perfect self and don’t be afraid to try new styles, be creative!


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