Something Schmancy

Now and then a girl just needs to attend a formal dinner or party. It’s know..a must. It makes us girls feel special and important. AND the best part; we get to put some fancy makeup on and play dress-up. Trying out a few dresses first is essential. However, finally finding the perfect dress, the one that compliments your body well and just makes you look down right sexy, now that is an amazing feeling. Here’s an example of a very sexy but very elegant dress. Perfect for those formal events…



To really make you stand out, have your hair in an updo. This will open up your neck and shoulders, complimenting your figure all the more. Accessorize!!! To top it all off, throw in a good pair of heels. Just remember that you need to keep timing in mind, how long are you going to be at this party? Will you be doing a lot of walking? If so, just have some cute flats on stand-by.

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.” – Tom Ford

For those of you that are wondering, this dress is available for purchase along with many other gorgeous dresses. Just hit this link! : Lovely Strapless Dress





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