Nailed it!!

We all have that one problem with painting nails. It’s not picking the right colors, or finding the perfect nailart idea. It’s simply just the fact that your one hand looks perfect and the other one…well…the other one shall not be named. Here’s a fantastic tutorial that would make your nails on BOTH hands look superb, and the best part; It’s super easy and super fast!

Sponge me Baby!!

For this you’ll need 2 (or more) different color nail-polishes. A sponge, top and base coat.

Step one: Apply your base coat, then your first desired color.



Step two: Take your sponge and your second colored nailpolish. Put a little bit of nailpolish on the sponge and dap it on the tips of your nails. Wait till dry and apply top coat.



Don’t forget to clean up the messy parts 🙂


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