We all love formal events, it’s in our genes. But going casual is just sooo much less effort, nothing says comfort like a good pair of jeans and a hoodie. For years I’ve dreamt about the perfect outfit that could be worn as a formal and casual attire. After doing a little research, I’ve come across a perfect dress that you can easily wear just about ANYWHERE!



This dress does originally belong to Annabelle Fleur. Give her website a look: VIVALUXURY

However, since i just love this dress so much, I went ahead and looked for similar dresses to this one and found one that looks unbelievably similar (apart from a few things like length) and decided to share it with you guys. Just click here and you shall end up on The Iconic’s website where the dress is available for purchase.

To make this dress a formal attire, just add some gorgeous heels and some accessories. This dress alone can be worn as a casual attire. Another bonus; this could also be used for a beach dress! Ain’t that nifty??

Remember to be as creative as you possibly can and to experiment with all kinds of colors. Fashion is an art, show off your masterpiece.


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