We all love candy. Who doesn’t?? It’s like all the great things jumping around in your mouth. So why not wear it?

I recently browsed Pinterest (I love Pinterest, awesome for getting some tips here and there) and found a tutorial on a nail art idea. Soo I decided to give it a shot. It turned out splendidly but i did change it up a bit to make it fit my tastes a bit more. Here’s what I did..

I used 4 different nail polish colors for this tutorial where the original tutorial used 3. I used a light pink (Cotton Candy Color and it smells like cotton candy!!) dark grey and light grey as well as a glitter polish.

I started off by painting all my nails with the cotton candy color. From there I used a toothpick and dipped one of the ends in the dark grey color to start my design. Mine is a little messy because I do not have the proper nail art kit, however if you do by all means use it.



Wait till it’s dry then do the same design horizontally



Once again wait until it is dry. From here I added little dots between the dark grey design with the lighter grey color. With the glitter polish I smoothed my lines a bit to add the finishing touch. Remember to apply top coat! Here’s my final product..



Had so much fun trying this tutorial and adding my own little twist to it. If you guys want to see what the original tutorial looks like, click here.

Remember to get creative with things and don’t be afraid to make things your own and adding tweaking things to fit your tastes.


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