Show me the Money!!

Have you ever been at a friend’s house and don’t know what to do with yourselves? Maybe watch a movie? Naah, already did that. What about a fun game that will entertain you for hours! And as a bonus will make lots of memories. So here’s the game..Wait for it…MARSHMALLOW CHOPSTICKS!

All you need for this game is a bag of marshmallows (can be mini ones, all kinds of flavors, etc). Chopsticks, obviously, and bowls (the amount of the bowls depend on the amount of players. If it’s only two players, two bowls would do the trick)

The aim of the game is to try and get as many marshmallows in the bowls (using chopsticks) as fast as you can. So why don’t you get your bag of marshies and chopsticks and set off to an exciting game of Marshmallow Chopsticks.

If you have any other awesome games that you know of, please don’t hesitate to tell me about it! Simply just tell me in the comment box below. Remember, the wackier the game, the more fun it will be.


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