Style me Baby**

There’s a lot of great feelings out there. For example; the first sip of cold water after a run, chocolate melting in your mouth, food..yeah food is an awesome feeling…but for girls one of the best feelings are when someone plays with your hair. As a little girl I just loved it when my mother braided my hair. It gave me comfort and it made me feel loved, plus, it’s like a head massage!

Unfortunately most of us has moved on from those years and has to style our own hair, and let me be the first to admit that those little styling attempts doesn’t always work out. But there are days where you get it right and you just feel invincible!! Woohoo!

One style i absolutely love is curly or wavy hair and fortunately for me, my hair is naturally wavy with a little curly kick. But I’ve had a number of people asking me how I style my hair and telling them that my hair styling method is “Au Natural” doesn’t usually help them much. SO I have found an awesome tutorial on how to get them sexy bouncy curls. This tutorial is done by the absolutely gorgeous Kylie at her website; Absolutely Arkansas

“Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be” – Unknown 


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