It’s Painful to be Beautiful

We all love wearing high heels. We love the feel of them, the way they compliment our legs and the way they attract attention. We wear them for special occasions, for work or even just a day out. They are the perfect element for making an ordinary every day outfit transform into a jaw dropping eye catcher. But what about the pain?

They say that it’s painful to be beautiful and I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to wearing heels, that’s definitely the case. But how can we prevent, or even just lessen, the pain from wearing heels?

Here is a few ways to make wearing heels more bearable:

Using gel insoles will make a massive difference. It accompanies the ball of your foot and prevents your toes from crunching up as well as preventing your toes from sliding forward. Now these gel insoles should be available for purchase in your local supermarket and if you can’t find them, give amazon or ebay a peek.

Changing the way you walk will definitely help with the amount of pain you will end up with. Walking in a straight position will do the trick, so not bending your knees and keeping your back straight. Imagine a string pulling you up while you’re walking.

Take breaks. Sit down when you have the chance and don’t have to be standing. This will ease the the pain because you’re not putting all of your weight on the balls of your feet.

Choosing heel types that accommodate you best. Platforms are best for when you want to wear heels for a long period of time because of the thick base under your toes. That thick base cuts a little height off of the heel. So if you’re wearing 5 inch platforms, you’re really wearing 3 / 3.5 inch heels.

For Sale at gopromdress.com for only $40.49

For Sale at http://www.gopromdress.com for only $40.49

“High heels are pleasure with pain” – Christian Louboutin


My Cinderella Dream

It’s reaching that time where we take out our best shoes, do our makeup and hair and best of all..get our ball gowns out. Yes, it’s Ball time. Something like glass slippers maybe? Probably not, but don’t let that stop you from getting your perfect Ball/Prom look and perfecting that Cinderella moment. Now if you’ve been looking for some ball gowns, you’d notice that they don’t come cheap. However thanks to online shopping sites, we have the luxury of buying gorgeous dresses at cheaper costs. Now for the girls that are thinking of going as a scarlet beauty, here’s a dress for you..

A Fabulous Red Dress that would result in some jaw dropping reactions.


That’s some gorgeous piece of eye candy right there. Just click here and give its seller’s page some love.


Style me Baby**

There’s a lot of great feelings out there. For example; the first sip of cold water after a run, chocolate melting in your mouth, food..yeah food is an awesome feeling…but for girls one of the best feelings are when someone plays with your hair. As a little girl I just loved it when my mother braided my hair. It gave me comfort and it made me feel loved, plus, it’s like a head massage!

Unfortunately most of us has moved on from those years and has to style our own hair, and let me be the first to admit that those little styling attempts doesn’t always work out. But there are days where you get it right and you just feel invincible!! Woohoo!

One style i absolutely love is curly or wavy hair and fortunately for me, my hair is naturally wavy with a little curly kick. But I’ve had a number of people asking me how I style my hair and telling them that my hair styling method is “Au Natural” doesn’t usually help them much. SO I have found an awesome tutorial on how to get them sexy bouncy curls. This tutorial is done by the absolutely gorgeous Kylie at her website; Absolutely Arkansas

“Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be” – Unknown¬†


Show me How you Burlesque*

“When you are painting on makeup, you are like an artist, but instead of painting a canvas, you’re painting a face” – Cher (Tess)

Ahh Burlesque, such a fun ludicrous parody that we absolutely adore. The sexy dance moves, the singing, the humor and the look. Christina’s voluptuous figure and the art of makeup. Makeup is probably the best invention yet because you can manipulate your look to the extreme. While watching Burlesque I immediately fell in love with the makeup. So like all fan girls do, I tried replicating some of the looks.

I have found this tutorial on one of Christina’s looks from the film (the Bound to you scene where she is wearing a gorgeous green dress). Tutorial Done by Averunks, subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

“Never ask a woman with winged eyeliner why she is late” – unknown


So Rebellious**

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Shopping”? Well all I can think of is what I’ll be trying on first. Shopping Malls can be so much fun if you’re out with your girlfriends, trying on every single dress you see until you find ‘the one’. But there comes a time when you just can’t be bothered to go out, or you can’t find anything that tickles your fancy. Or in this case with me, I usually find something I love but it’s not in my size or is too expensive. (Grrrr!)

But now there is a solution to this problem! (Da-da-da-daaa!!) Online shopping is one of the easiest and cheap ways to get that dress you’re absolutely drooling over. Yes some online shopping sites are dodgy, which is why I have found a trustworthy online shopping site that not only ships internationally, but has reasonable prices. Ever heard of Rebel Circus?

Rebel Circus is a fantastic online shopping site that sells vintage themed clothing. This does include shoes (did I mention that they are gorgeous shoes?) accessories, jewelry, you name it.

Here is an example of a dress that is purchasable on the site…

Out To Sea Dress (Aqua)




We all love candy. Who doesn’t?? It’s like all the great things jumping around in your mouth. So why not wear it?

I recently browsed Pinterest (I love Pinterest, awesome for getting some tips here and there) and found a tutorial on a nail art idea. Soo I decided to give it a shot. It turned out splendidly but i did change it up a bit to make it fit my tastes a bit more. Here’s what I did..

I used 4 different nail polish colors for this tutorial where the original tutorial used 3. I used a light pink (Cotton Candy Color and it smells like cotton candy!!) dark grey and light grey as well as a glitter polish.

I started off by painting all my nails with the cotton candy color. From there I used a toothpick and dipped one of the ends in the dark grey color to start my design. Mine is a little messy because I do not have the proper nail art kit, however if you do by all means use it.



Wait till it’s dry then do the same design horizontally



Once again wait until it is dry. From here I added little dots between the dark grey design with the lighter grey color. With the glitter polish I smoothed my lines a bit to add the finishing touch. Remember to apply top coat! Here’s my final product..



Had so much fun trying this tutorial and adding my own little twist to it. If you guys want to see what the original tutorial looks like, click here.

Remember to get creative with things and don’t be afraid to make things your own and adding tweaking things to fit your tastes.



We all love formal events, it’s in our genes. But going casual is just sooo much less effort, nothing says comfort like a good pair of jeans and a hoodie. For years I’ve dreamt about the perfect outfit that could be worn as a formal and casual attire. After doing a little research, I’ve come across a perfect dress that you can easily wear just about ANYWHERE!



This dress does originally belong to Annabelle Fleur. Give her website a look: VIVALUXURY

However, since i just love this dress so much, I went ahead and looked for similar dresses to this one and found one that looks unbelievably similar (apart from a few things like length) and decided to share it with you guys. Just click here and you shall end up on The Iconic’s website where the dress is available for purchase.

To make this dress a formal attire, just add some gorgeous heels and some accessories. This dress alone can be worn as a casual attire. Another bonus; this could also be used for a beach dress! Ain’t that nifty??

Remember to be as creative as you possibly can and to experiment with all kinds of colors. Fashion is an art, show off your masterpiece.